Undergraduate courses

Once you have acquired the necessary qualifications you can then proceed towards your chosen undergraduate course.

An undergraduate course is a vital step for you in advancing towards your desired career and is typically studied over a three-year duration.

Postgraduate Masters

In an ever-advancing world thriving with globalisation, it has become an increasingly competitive market to work in.

Undoubtedly, every individual wants to be distinguished from the crowd to become a more desirable candidate in their chosen career/field.

It is for this reason perhaps, that the UK has seen a surge in postgraduate students particularly from abroad.

A postgraduate degree takes one– two years; however, it can make an immense and profound impact on your employability.


PhD Courses

Some of us like to study and some of us like to teach. Taking on a PhD can be the most rewarding challenge you choose to take.
Not only does this separate you from the rest, but a PhD will give you the necessary skills to go on to teach and educate in your chosen field.

PhD courses typically last around 3 years and require patience, dedication and planning.

Top Tip

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In order to apply You must 


  • Hold the following sufficient language proficiency test certificate

  • Ensure sufficient funding tuition fee plus maintenance

  • Provide Previous Education Certificates

  • Prepare a Suitable Personal Statement 

  • Provide Personal Identity information (Passport, Address etc)

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